About Us

America West Virtual Airlines was started in 2015 with a small following. We started out with phpVMS but changed software a handful of times looking for the perfect back-end management. There have been many management packages offered since then from different authors, but we believe we finally found one that does everything we need. We chose vaBase due to the ease of setup, and the active role of the author. So we started over in June of 2018.

We are fundamentally different from other airlines in one major regard. We don't force you to fly once a month. We realize you will fly if you have the time and when you feel like it. We understand life happens, and you shouldn't be getting nagging emails that force you into a virtual flight. So fly when you like, we'll be here. Our hope is that you will enjoy being part of our virtual airline and visit often.

Happy landings!

Rick Thomas
America West Virtual Airlines