Our Awards

A big part of making flight simming fun is the rewards. Aside from the virtual pay you recieve, you can earn awards for bragging rights, or just to improve your virtual pilot resume. We have many awards to keep you excited about your career in our virtual airline. Choose an award from below and see if you have the skills to add it to your profile. Let us know you deserve an award!

Long Haul Overlord You have flown over two thousand miles in a single flight! You are a force to be reckoned with!
100 Flights Congratulations, you have flown 100 flights for America West Virtual. You are a rock star!
50 Flights You did it! Congratulations, you have flown 50 flights for America West Virtual. Thank you for making our airline look good!
Pilot of the Month The pilot of the month exceeds monthly flight requirements, and demonstrates their skills level by consistently achieving low landing rates.