Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any flight requirements per month?
No, you may fly as much, or as little as you like. If you do stay away for an extended period just email us so we can mark you as "on leave".

What's the difference between the AWA for flight designations and the AWE for pilots?
AWA is what the public recognizes for name branding. AWE is the official ICAO code by the FAA. By the way, our callsign is "CACTUS".

I would like some training. Do you have someone that can show me how to take off/land/fly?
We're just getting started up again as a VA. If you post a message in our pilot forum you should get some answers.

Can I use autopilot on my flights?
Yes, you sure can.

I don't see a flight schedule I would like to fly. Can you add one?
Yes. Just send us your request. *Remember, you can always create your own flight within our ACARS software if we don't have a route you would like to fly.

I have a great idea for your airline! Can I share it with you?
Absolutely! Just click over to our contact page and let us know what's on your mind.

What is VatSim, and what does it do?
VATSIM (short for the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) is a completely free online platform which allows virtual pilots, wherever they are in the world, to connect their flight simulators into one shared virtual world. VATSIM also simulates air traffic control in this virtual world, creating the ultimate as-real-as-it-gets experience for you, the virtual aviation enthusiast.

What's the deal with flight simulation and a virtual airline? Is this some new weird thing?
The computer flight simulation hobby has been around for years. Virtual airlines are simply taking that to the next level. In its simplest form, you are merely mimicking an actual flight on your computer.